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Facing the large amount of traffic at car park in commercial building and factory, UCR’s iParking solution is an easy-to-use POS system with all-in-one display machines that provides excellent performance for parking operators and drivers.



  • Long queues at the registration and check-out counters during in peak hours.
  • Operator is difficult to review availability of parking spaces that may cause overload.
  • Human errors usually appear in manual calculation, especially in high traffic period.
  • Lack of statistics for analysis such as traffic rate and transaction summary.


  • iParking the all-in-one POS system is user-friendly with clear interface. Touchable screen allows operator to follow the display instructions step by step to process registration and check-out with ease.
  • Barcode is printed on the parking ticket by a Thermal Printer instantly. The print messages include car type, check-in time and license plate.
  • The Barcode Reader enables immediate ticket verification by scanning the barcode. Meanwhile, the system calculates the parking fee automatically.
  • Receipt of payment could be printed automatically or on request for reducing paper waste and environmental protection.

Results & Benefits


  • Easy to use: user-friendly interface and simple operation
  • Eliminate human error: all data transmissions are handled by computer


  • Through daily reports, management can make better arrangement to allocate parking spaces for different car types and human resources in different period.


  • Minimizes customers’ waiting time for registration and check-out that results in reducing traffic congestion and pollution.