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HK Style Cafés  

The Hong Kong Style Cafes are said to be the most representative of Hong Kong restaurants and are famous for its quick service and a variety choice of meals. Yet, these café owners often need to encounter plentiful problems that arise to them everyday. IQPOS definitely meets the needs of such users by delivering its distinctive solution.

  • Customers often move to different tables or sitting with another group of customers at the same table, therefore it would be difficult to manage bill settlements.
  • Due to the inefficient bill settlements process, the cashier must be trustworthy in order to safeguards the cash flow during peak hours.
  • Staffs needs to memorize all set menu details the details of set menus while customers can choose among a variety of food and drinks.

Solution ~ Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales System (IQPOS)
  • By scanning the barcode printed on the order form, orders can be traced regardless to which table the customers are sitting. The advanced splitting and merging guest check functions allow flexible bill settlements for different combinations of table groups.
  • The system is able to connect to barcode reader and Octopus card processor; it also helps to maintain security control over each cash transaction.
  • Menus are preset with different items; the system automatically identifies the items that can be grouped into set menus (“set meal” & “mix & match” functions)

Results / Benefits
  • Allows flexible table combinations without any hassles.
  • Convenient, fast and accurate bill settlements.
  • Avoids keeping customers waiting and miscalculations for each order.
  • Uplifts customers’ satisfaction for advanced management system.


  Additional Features
Kitchen Printer
Octopus Processor
Barcode Reader
HP T510