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Japanese Restaurants & Kaiten Sushi Bars  

In recent years, Japanese kaiten sushi bars have become one of the most popular cuisines in Hong Kong. However, there are often operational complexities that may have negative impact on sales volume. IQPOS is able to resolve these hassles straight away.

  • Customers may be irritated while waiting too long to be served during peak hours.
  • Different groups of customers at the same sushi bar may need separate bills.  This can cause confusion in bill settlements or missing payments.
  • Complications occur when counting plates in different prices.
  • Disorganized takeaway system

Solutions ~ Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales System (IQPOS)
  • QMI system combining which is combined with TMS speeds up the queuing process, offering customers a more relaxed atmosphere while waiting.
  • The system automatically identifies same group of customers by entering the relative table number.
  • The kitchen printer prints out order in multi-languages
  • User-friendly interface with easy touch screen operational functions
  • Smart takeaway and home delivery system with comprehensive features

Results / Benefits
  • Enhances operational flow
  • Speeds up ordering process
  • Fast & accurate bill settlements
  • Raises customer satisfaction
  • Maximizes profitability


  Additional Features
Rewrite Card Reader
Kitchen Printer
Octopus Processor
Barcode Reader
HP T510