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Fast Food Chains  

It is common to see a packed fast food chain with long queues at the cashier. It is crucial for such business to obtain a systematic POS system in order to manage well. The fabulous functions of Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales (IQPOS) ~ Retail Mode are definitely applicable in the busy fast food industry. Its simple touch screen method s combined with its outstanding functions that enables prompt, accurate and efficient transactions in daily operations. What's more? Its remote central management provides an expedient platform for executives to get access to data and monitor daily business activities of each single branch.

  • Difficult with in handling excessive transactions.
  • Massive orders needed to complete in the kitchen during busy periods, complications and mistakes arise easily.
  • Better promotion system is required to enhance marketing strategy.
  • A centralized management system to manage various outlets.

Solution ~ Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales System (IQPOS)
  • Various data entry methods (e.g. Look Up, PLU, Hot Key etc.) and customized operation panel design facilitate daily business operations.
  • KMS allows food orders to be displayed in sequence on a kitchen monitor, which enables efficient kitchen coordination.
  • Users can develop a one-stop membership program through CRM system which optimizes promotion and helps to build up long lasting and loyalty relationship with customers.
  • Connection between work stations and central server through the internet allows management team to monitor outlets at office at anytime, at anywhere. 
  • The system generates detailed sales reports for business analysis.

Results / Benefits
  • Streamlined operation flow
  • Speeds up ordering process
  • Enhances meal production efficiency
  • Centralized pricing & promotion management
  • Fast & accurate bill settlement
  • Consolidated sales reports help to develop further business strategic planning


  Additional Features
Kitchen Printer
Octopus Processor
HP T510