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A sustainable POS system is well indeed needed by any sizes of a bakery or a cake shop in order to assist with daily business operation as well as inventory control. The Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales System (IQPOS), newly developed by UCR Technology, is certainly applicable in such kind of industry. A lot of successful users greatly appreciated our products and services since becoming our clients, including Hong Kong Yamazaki Bakery Co., Ltd., King Bakery Holdings Ltd. and Bread Talk Group Ltd. etc.

  • Difficult in managing various chains, an effective centralized management system is needed.
  • Lack of detailed reports of each chain for business strategic planning.
  • Complications arise in stock control.
  • Users need to enhance promotion and retain customers due to competitive market. 

  • IQPOS system is able to remotely control among a number of outlets along with centralized price setting function.
  • The system generates various analytical reports.
  • Records including stock purchase, good receipt, store transfer and price adjustment etc.
  • Customer Management System (CRM) allows users to implement bonus points or stamps rewarding system, in addition to analyze customers’ spending behavior.

Results / Benefits
  • Enhances operational efficiency, management is able to monitor among different outlets at own office.
  • Easy access to different types of reports for effective business strategic planning.
  • Centralized management control inventory which greatly increases efficiency.
  • Improved customer relationship leads to higher sales volume.


  Additional Features
Octopus Processor
Barcode Reader