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Chinese Restaurants  

In recent years, Chinese restaurants industry has become more competitive due to the increased demand of customers. One business could be easily replaced by another if it is not managed well. IQPOS offers a comprehensive POS system that provides the most effective and reliable solution for such business management.

  • It is often over crowded during busy periods and public holidays. Customers waiting for too long to be seated may switch to another place for a meal.
  • Delivering meals among different floors during rush hours can easily cause accidents and delays.
  • Sometimes it may be difficult to read the orders by hand-written note taken by frontend staff. It definitely leads to misunderstanding, thus chefs get wrong messages and cook wrong dishes.
  • As there are thousands of different kinds of Chinese dishes; it is not east to handle customer’s complicated requests on dishes.
  • Promoting Dim Sum by means of traditional “Dim Sum Trolley” not only caused by unavoidable accidents, but also leads to inefficient order taking for each customer.
  • Ineffectual billing process causes miscalculations; some bills even appeared to be unpaid.
  • Errors usually arise when dealing with deposits for banquets; a secure control system is needed to protect cash deposits.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Queuing & Multimedia Information System (QMI) streamlines the whole queuing process by providing different types of waiting chits. Queuing status is clearly shown on a big screen, where customers are able to enjoy multimedia entertainment while waiting to be served; the Table Management System (TMS) allows users to get updated table status through POS system with a powerful database grasping customers’ details, helps to provide superior customer service.
  • The kitchen printer immediately and accurately prints out orders.
  • The optical form reader automatically identifies the marks on Dim Sum order form, orders are then directly sent to the kitchen after confirmation.
  • IQPOS system is able to store thousand kinds of dishes that allow modification of ingredients and cooking methods flexibly.
  • The kitchen printer helps gather all types of dim sums and group them into different categories according to different cooking times.
  • Provided with advanced split and merge guest check functions, with multiple payment methods and currency support.
  • Its deposit/void functions are able to record all details for each deposit transaction, including customer’s name, phone number and deposit amount etc for reference.  The system also automatically transfers the deposit amount into revenue account on appropriate date.

  Results & Benefits
  • Facilitated queuing process increase table turns.  The QMI system also provides an extra promotional platform that delivers to customers while they are waiting.
  • Food orders are immediately sent to kitchen printer, printed with large and clear fonts, reducing time of sending orders by hand thus avoids errors occurrence.
  • Chefs are able to provide better quality of dishes in order to attract customers and raise sales volume.
  • The system can flexibly meet customers’ wants in all kinds of cooking methods or ingredients, enhancing meal production process and uplifting customers’ satisfaction.
  • Its flexibility allows fast and convenient ordering and cooking process, as well as maintaining control over costs of ingredients.
  • Efficient billing process.  Management team is able to grasp sales performance of each dish among different outlets at anytime, at anywhere.
  • Each deposit/void transaction can be recorded in an efficient flow; the system also helps to avoid human errors and loss of cash deposits.

  Additional Features
Rewrite Card Reader
Optical Form Reader
Kitchen Printer
Macau Pass Reader
Octopus Processor
Barcode Reader
HP T510