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Octopus Processor  

Octopus application is an electronic payment system that acts as an easy and hassle-free tool to travel, dine out and shopping across different places in Hong Kong. It has now extended its applications beyond public transport to car parks, fast food chains, convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines and leisure facilities etc. IQPOS system integrates seamlessly with the Octopus application, which further demonstrates its leading role and premium branding to promote users’ business.

Main Features & Outcomes
Improves Operational Efficiency
  • shorten transaction time
  • reduced cash handling and time for change

Contributes Positive Brand Image
  • shows premium branding and gains trust from customers
  • fast, convenient and accurate transactions

Saves Cost & Risk
  • reduces lost caused by mistakes
  • saves time and manpower for deposit
  • avoids receiving counterfeit bank notes and coins
  • reduced risk of keeping excessive cash in store

User-Friendly Transaction Balance
  • transaction reports are sent out to clients on the next day
  • transaction balance is directly deposited into the appointed account once the report has been sent out

Professional Support Team For Service Backup
  • experienced system support team and advanced technical backup
  • onsite installation services and training
  • hotlines for immediate technical support and after sales services
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