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Customer Relationsihp Management System (CRM) enables restaurant owners to create an additional channel of marketing and promotional campaign through a one-stop membership program. It is also a helpful tool to build long-term relationship with loyal customers, generating even greater business volume.

 Functions & Features
  • Bonus points / stamps rewarding system
  • Allow bill settlements by bonus points
  • Instant member records searching
  • Customer data classification (e.g. age, profession, district, birthday and point level)
  • Bonus points status can be displayed and updated on guest checks and rewritable cards
  • Prepaid function
  • Guests spending behaviour analysis

  • Improves customer service by identifying customer needs
  • Convenient, fast and accurate calculation of bonus points
  • Optimizes promotion
  • Develops customer loyalty
  • Enhances profitability


  Additional Features
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