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UCR VS Fairwood Soccer Match Event

Our friendly soccer match with Fairwood Group was being held in Kwun Tong on July 15, 2009. It began with a score of 2:2 in the first half and finished with a final pleasant score of 8:8 at the end.


It was filled with excitement throughout the match. Leaders and team managers of both teams were so excited that they could not keep their eyes off the game. Until the last 5 minutes before the game ended, Fairwood team was leading by one point and hence the cheerleaders of UCR shouted at the their best to cheer the team on. Finally, the team leader of UCR gave an amazing shot in the last minute. He finished this beautiful goal with claps and applause from audience.

Though the atmosphere was thrilling throughout the game, we cherished our friendship the most and blessed each other with hand shaking.