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Treasure Lake Catering Holdings Limited  

Treasure Lake Catering Holdings Limited was founded in 1999 and has been expanding its business in operating over ten branches in the city, including Treasure Lake Seafood Restaurant, Treasure Lake Golden Banquet, North Garden Restaurant, Hoi Po Seafood Restaurant and so on.


Treasure Lake Catering Holdings Limited has been a well-known catering provider in Hong Kong over the years. It originated from a local restaurant and each branch serves different market segments with its very own unique catering style. Lake Seafood Restaurant was famous for the delicate Dim-sum. ound teh tering provider in Hong Kong. Treasure Lake Seafood Restaurant is famous for its delicate Dim-sum dishes. Treasure Lake Golden Banquet is a perfect place for hosting grand feasts. North Garden Restaurant provides authentic Chinese dishes as well as stylish mix-and-match cuisine. Hoi Po Seafood Restaurant targets at the mass market. More Restaurant features innovative menu inspired by the diverse dining culture. Overall, Treasure Lake is growing from strength to strength in the F&B industry.


It is essential to have a consistent and all-around Point of Sale (POS) solution in order to better manage the different branches. Treasure Lake chose Intelligent Quick Point-of-Sales system (IQPOS) of UCR Technology as the tool to assist its ongoing business development.


In addition to assisting the management team in making judicious business plans, IQPOS of UCR is able to truly meet the practical needs of running a restaurant with high efficiency. For instance, Treasure Lake Seafood Restaurant needs to change the menu and the prices in different time slots. IQPOS allows users to set the Price Look-up Code (PLC) in accordance with 16 different time slots. The prices could be modified in the pre-set time slot instantly. Furthermore, in case of missing any orders, the fore-end IQPOS printing system can automatically be directed to other printers if one is broken. The quality of service, therefore, is highly praised in terms of efficiency and user-friendly.


Treasure Lake started to use IQPOS in June, 2008. It tried out POS solutions from other brands in between. Yet Treasure Lake decided to use IQPOS of UCR again and installed throughout all branches in 2010 after full comparison and analysis. IQPOS has many merits in providing excellent F&B solutions including but not limited to the long history, excellent after-sale service and smooth system functions. Comparing to the first time, Treasure Lake said the existing IQPOS performs a more complete solution with higher stability and efficiency.