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bma Investment Group Limited  

bma invested in various projects in the greater china area for a diversified business portfolio, including entertainment, advertisement, sports and publication and so on. Since 2009, bma ventured into the F&B industry and set up different kinds of restaurants and entertainment spots, such as Shanghai Lo, Red MR KTV and Loyal Dining. Based on the Hong Kong spirit of "dreaming big and aiming high", investing several millions in the 60's/70's themed restaurant "Dai Pai Dong", which becomes the hip place in town as well as one of the landmarks of Hong Kong.


One-Stop solution is better than two of something else!

Curiosity and high adaptability to new things of Hong Kong citizens induce the creativity of enterpriser. One of the successful examples is bma Investment Group (bma). The company establishes restaurants and entertainment spots featuring diversified styles including Shanghai food, local food, fusion cuisine and KTV.

All the catering branches under bma has adopted UCR Solutions that include Intelligent Quick Point-of-Sales System (IQPOS), Table Management System (TMS) and the surveillance system (iWatch). Different bma’s branches were managed by UCR’s one-stop solution. The whole operation turns out to be effective and smooth.


One-stop solution complete your business

When bma ventured into the Food and Beverage industry, they were looking for a consistent POS system that could manage their different branches. Driven by the mission, bma chose UCR Technology as its POS system provider. What made UCR stand out is the ability on offering a one-stop solution to assist bma’s various F&B development projects.

 “UCR Technology has strong client references from a diverse group of restaurants. We are confident that UCR provides excellent POS solutions to satisfy all kinds of development needs in the catering industry”, said Miss Josie Lock, business development manager of bma Investment Group Limited. 

Full range of system functions bring benefits to all users

bma speaks highly of the flagship product of UCR Technology IQPOS System. The side module support makes the whole solution achieve even better. For instance, Red MR KTV, one of bma’s branch businesses, utilized the full benefit of the centralized system. The entire branches are able to share customer information flexibly. The whole process is efficient and effective.

The in depth operation database of IQPOS System assists the management level in better understanding the consumer behavior and further developing the marketing campaigns. Some restaurants under bma like Shanghai Lo and Loyal Dining offer numerous meal item choices for their customers. IQPOS from UCR Technology is capable of generating detailed reports including but not limited to sales figure of certain items in specific period, certain coupon usage as well as payment methods. bma’s business development was enhanced in both short and long terms.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) brings the partnership to the next level

bma is growing to be more competitive thanks to its outstanding internal management and UCR’s stable one-stop solution support. In order to further establish itself in the market, bma decided to develop its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. It chose UCR, again, as its system provider and thus further enclosed the partnership between the two parties.

Lock said she had faith in the CRM system of UCR in terms of customer service and continuous system upgrade. For that reason, Lock said there is no restriction in applying the CRM system.

“We value the participation of each staff throughout the process. One of the key elements driving this project to success is the professional advice provided by the UCR staff”, said Lock.

During the cooperation, UCR and bma established a harmony and tacit business partnership. We are looking forward to see the further development of the partnership between bma Investment Group Limited and UCR Technology.