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Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.  

For over 60 years, Yamazaki Bakery Co. Ltd. (Japan) has been continuously producing the best quality breads and has become Japan’s No. 1 bakery brand. They first stepped upon Hong Kong in 1981. Today, they have 37 outlets and an enormous factory, with more than 500 staffs in Hong Kong.


In order to maintain a cost-effective management scheme among different outlets, Yamazaki Bakery (Hong Kong) decided to implement the Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales System (IQPOS) designed by UCR Technology to help with business operation.  Its inventory control system simplifies the flow of stock movement.  It not only eliminates unnecessary costs, but also enhances the speed and accuracy of procedures such as purchasing, recording, store transfers and price adjustment.  On the other hand, the system enables management team to supervise the inventory flow through the internet at any time, at anywhere.  As a result, IQPOS effectively streamlines managers’ tasks to the greatest extent.

The easy touch screen operation of IQPOS helps reduces time on staff training. Its customized frontend functions demonstrate their benefits to the highest degree at each Yamazaki Bakery outlet.  Firstly, the system categorizes a range of different items and allows a clear display on interface.  Moreover, the order holding function allows users to process the next transaction while holding the current transaction.  In addition, the barcode reader and the Octopus card processor applied at each outlet significantly improves operation efficiency.  Other unique functions also express flexibility of IQPOS so as to provide a superior working environment for employees.

Yamazaki Bakery (HK) has also chosen UCR Technology’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to further develop a long lasting loyalty relationship. Through the bonus points and stamps reward program, members can gain points and stamps while spending at any outlets: 1 point for $12; $8 discount and 1 extra stamp for 10 points; a selective product for collecting 3 stamps.  The system facilitates precise and fast reward calculations in order to provide a more rapid and excellent service to customers.  The program has successfully attracted a lot of customers and boosted sales volume, building the shop image even more memorable to the public.

IQPOS system automatically transfers daily sales figures directly to the central office, allowing a remote management among all shops.  Management team can therefore grasp sales performance analysis of each outlet for advanced business strategic planning.  The system has overall improved Yamazaki Bakery (HK)’s operation productivity while developed a prominent image and reputation by offering innovative solutions.