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Fairwood "Outside Catering Service"  


UCR Technology (“UCR) has established a very good cooperation with Fairwood Holdings (“Fairwood) since 2002 by providing IQPOS system. Last year, Fairwood planned to further improve its Outside Catering service in order to offer its customers additional convenience and efficiency in their outside catering ordering.


Mr. Tse, the manager of IT department of Fairwood said, “The purposes of launching “Outside Cater Service” are to improve the customer service level by tightly integration the IQPOS, SAP (Systems Application, Products in DATA processing) and the corporate portal, thus much better communications for entire group on Catering based on the online information on sales, inventory and selected items by customers. Besides, we understood the better material planning, such as replenishment of material riding on unified platform group-wide. Moreover, we hope that this project can save labor in stores for redirecting resources to add-value jobs.” To achieve the above targets, UCR has designed an “Outside Catering System Solution” for Fairwood.


Mr. Tse expressed, “We are impressed with the effectiveness of the UCR’s “Outside Catering Service System Solution”. In frontend aspect, we may provide better service and more accurate in processing order. Online system gives higher flexibility to customers as they may count checks or pay orders in all outlets or call-center. On the other hand, system reduces handwriting tasks, completing data reconciliations in more efficient way by relying on the system reports synchronized information across the company.


We are proud to say that the management of Fairwood is highly satisfied with the features of the UCR’s Outside Catering System. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Fairwood in the near future.