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Successful Business Expansion of Victoria Harbour  

About Victoria Harbour Restaurant Group Victoria Harbour Restaurant Group contains few famous brands of Chinese restaurant. The first shop opened in 1999, and now a total of 18 shops are in operation in Hong Kong and Shenzhen with significant potential for further growth.


Hong Kong is a fast paced city where people are pursuing efficient service that becomes a significant challenge to F&B industry. In order to treat customers at reception immediately, Victoria Harbour has implemented the Self-Queuing Ticketing System Solution of UCR Technology.

Strategic Solution

Aimed at solving the above business challenges, the representative of Victoria Harbour Group has discussed the best solution with the Project Manager of UCR. “This is the first time that Victoria Harbour has adopted Self Queuing Kiosk at Kai Tin branch, together with the queuing status broadcast function. As a result, our customers are able to obtain queuing tickets by themselves. With a systematic table arrangement tool, customers are satisfied as a result of speedier and smoother queuing process.”, stated by the representative of Victoria Harbour Group. 

"For our new opening promotion campaign, we have applied multiple price lots function of IQPOS system that makes the whole ordering, payment and sales report review workflow easier. All in all, we are happy with the system and most importantly it meets our business strategic expectation.", emphasized by the representative of Victoria Harbour Group. 

Professional Project Management

Both parties feel satisfied in the success of the solution deployment. The representative of Victoria Harbour Group expressed, ”The deployment time was tight, however, UCR’s experienced technicians continuously monitored the project progress and tested the system’s operation well from the period of the shop renovation to the opening. In addition, they also closely coordinated with our team in order to keep the project on track, and finally make our new shop opened successfully.” 

Sales Report by Period and Item

The representative of Victoria Harbour Group concluded that the biggest challenge of F&B industry is to instantly obtain statistics in sales and cost instantly. By using IQPOS, management controls the stock level by reviewing the food item, periodic sales and analytic reports. All these functions have facilitated operational management and enhance overall efficiency