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Noah’s Ark  

Is Noah’s Ark Back? Once upon a time, God commanded Noah to build a gigantic boat called an "ark" that saved Noah, his family and a group of the world’s animals from a global flood – Noah’s Ark. Today, the world’s only Noah’s Ark replica with the size mentioned in the bible was being built! It is now located at Ma Wan Park and opened to public recently.

 The theme park promotes a positive value of love and caring. The Ark occupies a total size of 270,000 squared feet with five leveled floors. These levels consist of various types of entities and shops developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., such as Noah’s Resort, restaurants & tuck-shop run by YMCA and different book and souvenir retail stores operated by Luk Chiu Kwan Hung’s Child Development Research Centre, The Media Evangelism Ltd. and St. James Settlement respectively.

In order to maintain superior operation and centralized data collecting from various operators, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. has already set up UCR Technology’s Intelligent Quick Point-Of-Sales system (IQPOS) at all entities, which assists the group to collect analytical sales data for enhanced strategic planning in marketing. Besides, with the excellent flexibility and expandability, IQPOS system provides both powerful front-end and back-end functions. Entities can operate in standalone mode with own database or in multi-workstation client-server mode. In addition, the system can also connect many different peripheral devices, such as IQPOS – wireless PDA ordering assistant, kitchen printer, barcode reader and Octopus reader enhancing the operation efficiency.

At Noah’s Ark, IQPOS system applied at Harvest Restaurant seamlessly connects to Fidelio Opera PMS at Noah’s Resort, which facilitates transferring meal payment bills to resort’s balance statement for the resort room guests. Moreover, using IQPOS – PDA not only reduces runaround time to fixed POS stations, it also streamlines ordering process by sending orders to kitchen printer instantly, which further enhances operation efficiency. On the other hand, the barcode reader being exploited at the restaurant, tuck-shop and retail stores facilitates the whole operation process and maximizes profitability effectively.

 Each IQPOS system user at Noah’s Ark from Ma Wan Park highly appreciated UCR Technology’s products for their superb stability and outstanding functions.  Furthermore, the theme park has successfully created a “one park, four systems” management scheme. By utilizing IQPOS system, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. is able to monitor each entity’s operation performance, while each group generates its individual business analysis. Without doubt, IQPOS system definitely meets each user’s needs in different aspects and thus sustains an efficient and profitable centralized management.